Vision, Mission And Strategy

Our vision

Meldon Plastics focuses as an international company on achieving continuous value for all of its stakeholders. Our customers choose us above competitors for our know-how, passion and decisiveness.

Meldon is one of the most advanced companies in our sector and is regarded as a preferred supplier for sustainable solutions with extruded plastic products.

We offer our customers our knowledge, expertise, flexibility and reliability in markets that are becoming increasingly dynamic and in which there is a growing need to do more than simply supply a product.

Through recognition, openness and autonomy we create a working atmosphere in which our passionate and devoted people are given the space to take up challenges. They create robust solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Our mission

Supply top customers all over the world with sustainable business-to-business solutions with premium quality extruded plastic products with a high added value.

Exceed expectations by maximally supporting our customer's success through development and realisation.

Excelling in customer-orientation, quality and expertise.

Our core values

Meldon Plastics has three core values:

  • Mastery
    It is only possible to remain at the cutting edge of extrusion by excelling in what we do. We take responsibility for delivering top quality and are able to exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Pioneering spirit
    We have the drive and guts to stand out from the crowd. Our creativity puts us ahead in renewal and innovation.
  • Empathy
    We are able to empathise with others whilst providing feedback in a mutual dialogue with the aim of improving cooperation and performance.