Sanitary Industry

Our standard range of shower profiles makes a difference!

Forty years after placing the shower cabin on the market in Germany Plastilux can look back proudly on decades or partnership with market leaders in the sanitary industry. The Plastilux sealing sanitary seal ensures that not a single drop escapes from the shower cabin. The functionality and appearance of shower profiles depend strongly on the quality and stability of the raw materials, the production quality and the design. Plastilux takes account of the principle requirements that our shower seals have to meet as early as in the developmental phase.

To keep your costs down Plastilus offers a broad range of standard sealing profiles for showers in addition to the customer-specific solutions. We do this under the brand name AQUIN®. The difference: you do not pay any charges for moulds or development. That makes it possible for you to buy standard AQUIN® profiles at an attractive price. The AQUIN® qualities are:

  • Uniformity in appearance, design and colour
  • Optimum UV protection: no discolouration
  • Resistance to soap and cleaning agents
  • Mould resistance
  • Maximum transparency
  • Optimum formula for bending and shortening
  • Consistent high quality within narrow tolerances