Meldon's many years' experience in plastic extrusion have yielded the company a wide range of customers in dozens of different market segments. Some examples:



Meldon has been an effective partner in the automotive industry for many years. This is illustrated by the consistent high quality of our spoilers for wiper systems and our side covers, mechanism covers and spacers for sun roofs. This consistent quality is guaranteed by the fact that the work is carried out on dedicated automated production lines in conformity with the ISO TS-16949 quality standard.

Meldon sets out to work in keeping with the specifications of its automotive customers as precisely as possible during the production and logistics process. Operational excellence plays an important role here.



Meldon has been developing and producing for customers in a wide range of sectors and with a huge variety of applications for more than 60 years. Our aim is to gain a clear understanding of what your profile is to be used for. This makes it possible for Meldon to advise you in the development phase in order to ultimately come up with the best possible solution. The tools, geometry and raw materials are then determined on the basis of the set of requirements.


Sanitary industry

To keep your costs down Plastilus offers a broad range of standard sealing profiles for showers in addition to the customer-specific solutions. We do this under the brand name AQUIN®. The difference: you do not pay any charges for moulds or development. That makes it possible for you to buy standard AQUIN® profiles at an attractive price.

The functional quality of AQUIN® shower profiles is in the very highest category of the sanitary industry. That applies to seals, glass connections, transparency, dimensioning, colour, bacteria resistance, limestone adhesion or UV resistance.


Conveyor belt industry

Meldon has been an effective partner for extrusion applications in the transport industry and drive technology for many years. Meldon can provide you with a broad standard range of TPU and PVC profiles, currently available under the brand names Nutrok® en Unitrok®. The sizeable warehouse stocks make it possible for Meldon to swiftly meet your requirements for conveyor belt cleats, notched and unnotched V-guides, square belts, round belts and sidewalls.


Industrial illuminated signs

Meldon has been an effective partner for extrusion applications in the illuminated advertising industry for many years. Meldon supplies top quality box letter profiles (profile 5) for illuminated and unilluminated applications under the brand name Lettco®. 

Meldon's Lettco® box letter profiles stand out for their outstanding processing qualities. This is achieved primarily with a 50 micron aluminium strip. The premium raw product Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) results in a consistently high quality. Our range of Lettco® profiles currently comprises no fewer than 18 colours that are available in stock as standard.