Meldon is certified under NEN EN ISO 9001 and 14001. In view of the wide range of market segments and customers it was decided in 2013 to divide Meldon into three business units:

SpeXX-work - Meldon's challenge here is to bring your specifications and requirements to fruition. Stringent procedures and your package of (strict) requirements result in certainty and quality.

Co-creXX - If your package of requirements is not entirely clear, Meldon can provide you with support based on its years of experience and apply co-creation to find the best possible profile extrusion solution together with you.

Mel-deXX - The fact that Meldon operates a brand philosophy in some market segments guarantees the certainty of high quality, technical know-how, mould cost savings and fast delivery.

Our departments 

Meldon develops and produces plastic extrusion profiles. We do this by employing professionals for the development and production of plastic materials, tools (moulds), extrusion profiles and extrusion processes. 


More than half of our organisation therefore consists of technicians found mainly in the departments production, development group and engineering & services. Our co-workers at the sales & market department maintain contact with our market and make agreements with our customers. A development and procurement process ultimately leads to a production process that ends with delivery to the customer. Our customer service & logistics department switches continuously between customers and production to meet our agreements as accurately and effectively as possible. The entire organisation is supported and improved by the staff departments in the areas of quality, safety, working conditions, environment, IT, personnel & organisation and finance.