Meldon's innovative PVC raw product formulas are the first to meet the strict EU and FDA food standards in the international conveyor belt industry. Meldon also operates in conformity with the international GMP and HACCP food standards. As a result of this our innovative standard range of conveyor belt cleats, strings and sidewalls - under the brand name Nutrok® - provide a highly reliable and safe system for safe food production on conveyor belts.


To keep costs down Plastilus offers a broad range of standard shower profiles in addition to the customer-specific solutions. We do this under the brand name AQUIN®. The difference: you do not pay any charges for moulds and gain considerable savings on the development costs. That makes it possible for you to buy standard profiles at an attractive price. The functional quality of AQUIN® shower profiles is in the very highest category of the sanitary industry.


Our range is completed with innovative conveyor cleats, V-guides and sidewalls that we have developed under the brand name Unitrok® for the non-food industry. You as a customer can count on a quality standard that is completely in keeping with the strict requirements set by your customers. Maximum efficiency during processing, including problem-free welding, is an important advantage.


Meldon's Lettco® box letter profiles stand out for their outstanding processing qualities. This is achieved primarily with a 50 micron aluminium strip. The premium raw product Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) results in a consistently high quality. Our range of Lettco® profiles currently comprises no fewer than 18 colours that are available in stock as standard.