F-trim cap

Get the best out of your craftsmanship!

Meldon has been an effective partner for extrusion applications in the illuminated advertising industry for many years. Meldon supplies top quality box letter profiles (profile 5) for illuminated and unilluminated applications under the brand name Lettco®.

Meldon's Lettco® box letter profiles stand out for their outstanding processing qualities. This is achieved primarily with a 50 micron aluminium strip. The premium raw product Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) results in a consistently high quality. Our range of Lettco® profiles currently comprises no fewer than 15 colours that are available in stock as standard.

From raw material to end-product: our box letter profiles are produced in-house under strict supervision. We monitor the dimensioning with in-line scanners and camera systems. Our committed people carry out the final checks in order to guarantee a smooth and stripe-free profile surface.