Plastic extrusion is the process of converting a plastic melt into an endless profile which can be cut to size. Pellets or plastic beads are melted in the extruder. The melt is pressed through a mould by a rotating screw after which it takes the shape of the mould and is formed into and endless profile. Multi-component extrusion is the extrusion of profiles from numerous materials (e.g. mono, co-, triple, quad extrusion).

The extruded profile is cooled in stages by passing through a number of cooling reservoirs. This cooling process is individually specified for each profile in order to prevent residual stress.

At the end of the production line the profile is cut to size and packed. Depending on the type of profile the packaging can be e.g. reels, boxes, crates, bags, etc.

At your request Meldon can give your profile a customised finish, i.e.: die pressing, integration of metal or plastic inlays (e.g. magnetic or aluminium strips, special reinforcement, etc.), application of adhesive strips, flock tape or separating foil, printing of text and brand information, etc. The finishing process is fully automated and is operated inline.