Conveyor Belt Industry

All conveyances proceed smoothly thanks to our innovative cleats, guide ropes and sidewalls!

Meldon has been an effective partner for extrusion applications in the transport industry and drive technology for many years. Meldon can provide you with a broad standard range of TPU and PVC profiles, currently available under the brand names Nutrok® en Unitrok®. The sizeable warehouse stocks make it possible for Meldon to swiftly meet your requirements for conveyor belt cleats, ridged and unridged guide ropes, block belts, round belts and sidewalls.


Nutrok® - Demonstrably food-certified cleats and strings

Meldon's innovative PVC raw product formulas are the first to meet the strict EU and FDA food standards in the international conveyor belt industry. Meldon also operates in conformity with the international GMP and HACCP food standards. As a result of this our innovative standard range of conveyor belt cleats, strings and sidewalls - under the brand name Nutrok® - provide a highly reliable and safe system for safe food production on conveyor belts.

Nutrok® properties:

  • In line with the strictest food safety standards
  • Problem-free welding
  • Good wear-resistance
  • Uniform dimensioning
  • High resistance to cracking
  • High flexibility


Unitrok® - Specifically developed for top performance in the non-food industry

Unitrok® cleats are universally useable and offer the same top quality production properties as Nutrok®. You as a customer can count on a quality standard that is completely in keeping with the strict requirements set by your customers.

Unitrok® properties:

  • Universally applicable
  • Problem-free welding
  • Long life cycle, good wear resistance
  • High resistance to cracking
  • Maximum flexibility