The strongest in extrusion applications

Excellent Extrusion in Polymer Profiles

Excellent Extrusion in Polymer Profiles

Excellent Extrusion in Polymer Profiles

The strongest in polymer extrusion applications

Meldon stands out for its high level of expertise in the extrusion of polymer plastic profiles. Throughout its many years in the extrusion sector Meldon has developed into an effective partner in plastic extrusion, extrusion tools and (plastic) development. 

Customized Polymer Extrusion

Co-creXX > co-creation leads to mutual success.

Co-creation at Meldon means that you continuously play an active role - within an ongoing process - in the realisation of the extrusion profile in question. Based on this approach Meldon joins you in finding the best possible extrusion solution. These can be mono-, co-, triple or even quad extrusions.

Polymer Extrusion

SpeXX-work > your specifications, our work.

Once all of your specifications have been laid down we can immediately make a start with manufacturing your extrusion profile. Our mould builders translate your specifications into the optimum mould for your extrusion profile and your production requirements. Stringent internal procedures result in certainty and quality. 

Polymer Extrusion Panels

Mel-deXX > Meldon’s branded products, directly from stock.

There are number of market segments in which Meldon operates a brand philosophy. It is possible than an existing Nutrok®, Unitrok®, AQUIN® or Lettco® profile will fit in your end-product. In that case you can count on a high and consistent quality level of profiles that are available directly from stock. You are also saved the development and mould costs.