Meldon's core competences can be divided into three activities:

  • Plastics
  • Extrusion tools
  • Plastic extrusion

Meldon uses the synergy generated by these three activities to ultimately extrude the best possible plastic profile. A project manager heading a multidisciplinary team is appointed at the beginning of each project. The composition of the team depends on the customer's specifications for the plastic profile.

The project manager has a large number of the latest software packages and engineering equipment at his disposal. Our project manager is your contact for all of your technical questions from the first brainstorming session to the start of production. Meldon acts as a co-engineering partner and offers decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the industry for your project.


Plastic development

How an extrusion profile functions largely depends on the plastic it is made of. For that reason Meldon modifies all plastic types itself and produces its own PVC compounds and granulate.

The fact that the development, testing and production facilities are all available in-house, we are able to develop the ideal formula for your specific profile requirements in close consultation with you. Once you are satisfied with the result of the development process the next step is to produce the plastic by means of a CNC process.

Quality requirements concerning colour, UV-resistance, transparency, elasticity, hardness and durability are thus guaranteed both online and offline.


Tool development

The extrusion process requires items including a mould and cooler. These are unique for each profile and are adapted to each geometrical change. The tools and the unique equipment are production requirements and are developed and produced by Meldon in its own tooling department.

To develop and convert these unique tools and coolers Meldon uses state-of-the-art software and equipment such as CAD-CAM workstations, CNC wire erosion machines, CNC machining centres, digitally controlled testing lines, etc.

The internal tool production provides Meldon with the know-how it needs to influence and improve lead times, flexibility and the ultimate quality of the profile.



Plastic extrusion involves shaping melted plastic into an endless profile, that can be shorted to the desired size. The granulate or plastic granules are converted into a molten mass in an extruder. This mass is pressed into a mould with a screw. The extrusion machine shapes the molten mass into the endless profile shape required. In multi-component extrusion profiles made of various materials are extruded, such as mono-, co-, triple- or quad extrusions.

As required Meldon can add specific treatments to the production line, both online and offline, such as stamps, the integration of metal or plastic inlays (e.g. magnetic strips, aluminium strips or fuses), the affixing of adhesive strips, flock tape or separation foil, printing text and manufacturers' marks, etc.



The creation of logistical processes occupies an important position at Meldon. There is more to cost savings than economical procurement and efficient production. Cost saving is also a matter of closely coordinated logistics processes.

Through intensive communication with customers and suppliers Meldon achieves optimum stock levels, short delivery times and a high standard of service, electronic data interchange (EDI) and also efficient capacity utilisation.

Meldon directly caters to your wishes and takes account of your requirements concerning minimum warehouse stocks, packagings, forwarding, etc.