First Tier Supplier

Meldon has been an effective partner of First Tier Suppliers in the automotive industry for many years. This is illustrated by the consistent high quality of our spoilers for wiper systems and our side covers, mechanism covers and spacers for sun roofs. This consistent quality is guaranteed by the fact that the work is carried out on dedicated automated production lines in conformity with the ISO TS-16949 quality standard.

Meldon sets out to work in keeping with the specifications of its automotive customers as precisely as possible during the production and logistics process. Operational excellence plays an important role here.

The range of extrusion profiles meets all customer-specific requirements: from mono-, co-, triple and quad extrusions made of ASA/PC and PU, TPE or ABS to more complex metal reinforced extrusion profiles. As an extrusion specialist and development partner Meldon covers the entire supply chain. This includes:

  • Material development
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Process control technology
  • Logistics
  • The delivery of series products and spare parts